Years. That is going to be the name of the upcoming album of the berlinois pop electronic duo following the two EP's that The Emma Project had released since they founded the Project in 2012. Years. The title of their debut album gives us space to think. It seems that the singer and songwriter Fabrice and the DJ and pianist Michel have something to say about the past couple of years. About love, life and freedom. Dance, movements, ecstasy, peace and silence. Connaissance, oblivion, melancholy. Years. Who shares a time together will see each other change. And who's seen The Emma Project and accompanied them from the first rehearsals in the tiniest rooms in Berlin to the Columbiahalle Berlin, who's heard the first two releases and now listens to the new music – he or she will understand the developments that the two musicians have gone through. 

The Emma Project - There She Goes (Album Version)

©David Dollmann

Fabrice and Michel, both in the mid-twenties, have always had a love for trying and building musical bridges – hopping from classical instruments and arrangements to electric sounds – and they have composed various tracks both with sick four-to-the-floor beats and fragile gentle piano pieces. At his point one might ask: What would happen if you'd just hold between the songs, if you'd just freeze mid-jump and see what's around in the Emma Project's sound. What would happen if you'd just stop for a while, when you're on the way from your recording studio in Berlin to the recording studio in Paris, if you'd just hold in the middle of nowhere, nature, silence, and you'd just start recording without listening to anything else than emotions? This was the initial beginning of the debut album when the Band was on tour through Europe last year, surrounded by nations, cultures, noise, silence and unfiltered life in it's direct and true beauty.

The outcome is a sound that seems to levitate above the older songs of the band, just in between clear and honest instruments and synthetic soundscapes and synth walls, that reframe Fabrice' voice beautifully. Still, Michel and Fabrice seem to have never avowed themselves clearer to their original instruments before. Fabrice' voice, conducted by the piano and the guitar, give the listener guidance through the album processing and presenting emotions with a dynamic like it can only originate from real emotions. Still they have a walk-over creating intimate atmospheres while adding soundscapes and deepness to the sound that at times lead to monumental and epic synth hymns with Fabrice's voice still being close and immediate to our ears. Years is an album about vicinity and vastness. 'We aimed to reproduce life with all its complicated facets and banality without any filtering' says the singer. 'Our vision of Years is to process our attitudes of life as young people without thinking too much about it' adds Michel. Without a shadow of a doubt, that attitude of life is a mood in between happiness, joie de vivre, friendship and love – sometimes with melancholic moments but still dominated by a positive vision of the past and the future. Like the two experience life. 

© David Dollmann

The Emma Project - Years (Album Version)